Online SicBo Betting Tips At 918Kiss Singapore App

What Is Sicbo?

Sicbo, also known as Tai Sai, is a dice-rolling game originating from China. After appearing in the betting market for a while, Sicbo has attracted many players. Currently this game is one of the most popular games at online casinos.

Sicbo consists of 3 dice, each with 6 faces and marked from 1 to 6. Each value is represented by a dot rather than a regular number, these three dice are shuffled. by shaking. Then pour it out until all three pieces are on the table. At this time, people count the scores of 3 face up. Add up the final result.

Players will have to place their bets before the dice are open. If the player is placed later, the result is not accepted. The betting options in traditional Sicbo are quite small, usually just Over / Under. However, Sicbo in the bookmaker or online casino is different. Players have more diverse options. Each bet type has a different payout ratio.

Top 5 Online Sicbo Betting Tips At 918Kiss Singapore

Beginners should set the door easily

For longtime Sicilian players, they all have the skills and intuition to place bets. Players need to understand that if participating in wagers have high payouts, the odds of winning are usually very low.

With skills, predictions can be accurate. For beginners, it is best to place doors with a high chance of winning, which is safer. New players need practice to gain experience and learn how to manage cash flow properly. This way the new game can last long and the bet amount will not be lost too much.

Over / Under are the two doors that most players place. The odds of winning are usually 50:50. Although the payout is not high, it certainly wins over other bets. In addition, players have the opportunity to learn and increase their own judgment.

Do not place doors with overlapping proportions

When playing Sicbo the player should not place multiple bets on the same bet type. Instead, the player should split the money equally to place different types of bets. Thus, the chances of eating money will be higher and the value of receiving the reward will be great. Hence the risk in betting is minimized.

Limit doors with high bonus rates

In addition to the Over / Under bet, there are many types of bets with a bonus many times higher than the amount of the player's bet. Such as triplets, the payout goes up to 180 times.The profit margin is very high when winning the bet. However, not everyone can win and take great risks to play that bet.

Know to stop at right time

As with any betting game, players sometimes have great greed. If victory comes, players are more likely to be swept up in the gambling vortex.
The betting player's mindset: if you are on a winning streak, you should bet again, do not miss your luck. If you lose, then bet to remove the antlers and find the moment of winning the series as before. And the above things cause players to lose all the money both capital and interest when betting. Be a sane, alert player and preserve your assets when betting.

Don't let the strategy force you

Playing Sicbo to win requires strategy. Players must calculate, predict and apply many different strategies. Sometimes using mentality to overwhelm the other person,

However, the player should not be too rigid. Betting is very risky, so it needs flexible coordination during the game. A wise player is someone who knows how to take advantage of the coming opportunity and do not overdo it with a strategy. That is sometimes counterproductive


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